uPVC Kitchen Range by OB Woodcrafts

Here are our most popular range of vinyl kitchens all of which are available to customers throughout county Cork, county Kerry and Cork city. CLICK / TAP PHOTOS TO SEE ALL IMAGES.

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  • Amalfie Legno White

    Amalfie Legno White

    A tailored suit, a vintage car, a night at the opera, a fine picnic in the park. The superlative Amalfi joins nostalgic classics. Pictured in Legno White, this timeless gem has all the robustness you would expect from a hardworking design. While practical accents add finesse.

  • Argon Kitchen

    Argon Kitchen

    A kitchen for today and all your tomorrows, Argon brings together the genuine elements of pragmatism with quintessential design. Angular functional cabinets in gloss white are combined with the stunning arched island in gloss lime green; making this kitchen the epicentre of style and functional flair.

  • Auckland Medium Walnut

    Auckland Medium Walnut

    A Modern styled and warm kitchen, suitable for any home.

  • Brentford Beech and Quandra Black

    Brentford Beech & Black

    A perfect balance of contrasting tones, Iconic Beech and Quadra Black provide a symphony of creative expression. When your kitchen is so much more than just another room, make it a space to demonstrate who you truly are. Sleek recessed handles combine with a selection of door fronts in subtle neutral tones. This is a high concept statement, truly for original thinkers.

  • Brisbane Lissa Oak

    Brisbane Lissa Oak

    The softly rounded corners throughout this classic kitchen are both visually attractive and practical for those with young children. Pot hangers are an ideal way to save on cupboard space and store pots in an accessible manner.

  • Calcutta Ivory and Stone Grey

    Calcutta Ivory & Stone Grey

    With a design that pushes the boundaries, Calcutta delivers one hundred per cent. Traditional elements of glazed storage bring country chic to bevelled doors. While gently curved units bring the benefits of ergonomics to this hard working design. .

  • Cologne Dakar and Amfissa

    Cologne Dakar & Amfissa

    Adding a new perspective on the old French farmhouse look, Cologne is a tour de force in kitchen design. With details a plenty, notice the understated cornice work, the glazed cabinets and the gently moulded curves of the island unit.

  • Danbury Dust Grey and Light Grey

    Danbury Dust Grey & Light Grey

    This style icon has all the sophistication of Nigella and the attitude of Gordon. Monotones effortlessly showcase cool sophistication with solid reliability. A modern day twist on the authentic cook’s kitchen, Danbury’s enduring characteristics blend equally well with traditional or contemporary accessories and furnishings.

  • Gallo Avola Grey and Avola White

    Gallo Avola Grey & White

    Look no further than Gallo for the super-league of kitchens. Avola Grey and White give solidity and structure to the virile forms. A centrepiece of design form and function, the curved island unit demonstrates ergonomics at their very best. Solidly designed storage and display shelving give ruggedness to the overall look.

  • Glebe Odessa Oak

    Glebe Odessa Oak

    Hard working kitchens don't come any more diligent than this. Odessa Oak demonstrates Glebe's capability to be the kitchen that balances industrious function with thorough design ethics. Combined with a country stove or more modern accents, the oak has the ability to work with a wide variety of styles.

  • Houston Pippy Oak

    Houston Pippy Oak

    The Houston Pippy Oak doors feature wide stiles and rails with chamfered corners. The mesh door insets, sliding shutter and stainless steel corner unit all add a subtle contemporary feel to this classic kitchen. Very much a style that would suit a wide range of settings.

  • Mona Loire Ash

    Mona Loire Ash

    For those of you who want a bright kitchen in a wood effect finish, Loire Ash is a perfect choice as it absorbs minimum light. The unusual Quattro handles work perfectly with the subtle detailing in the door, creating a stylish kitchen that is pleasing to the eye.

  • Normandy Teak

    Normandy Teak

    We are continually striving to provide our customers with the most innovative up to date designs and colours and are pleased to announce the introduction of our new Normandy design. Above we have incorporated the Normandy door with our new foil colour Teak.

  • Paris Medium Tiepolo

    Paris Medium Tiepolo

    This is a classic, timeless kitchen that you will never tire of. It is neither ultra modern nor old style traditional. The rich grain and tone of the doors combined with simplicity of design would look ideal in most homes - be they old, new or in-between!

  • Prague Ivory

    Prague Ivory

    Beautiful fluted rail cornice, reeded pilasters and fretted frames combine to create a sophisticated and elegant bedroom. French fabrics known as ‘toile de jouy’ and ‘ticking’ add the perfect finishing touches.

  • Rossapenna Winchester Oak

    Rossapenna Winchester Oak

    The ideal family kitchen with a modern country feel! This functional square panel design along with simple décor has an appealing yet 'no fuss' feel - perfect in a busy household!

  • Ruskin Stone Grey

    Ruskin Stone Grey

    Artistry and allure are a poignant medley when practical and aesthetic considerations are important. A no-nonsense approach to storage gives this design the capacity to cater to all of your needs. While its solid appeal creates an accomplished backdrop for culinary mastery.

  • Stockholm Ivory

    Stockholm Ivory

    The T&G effect panelling in this Stockholm door is carried through in the end panels and canopy fascia. A checked roman blind has been added to create a pleasing ‘modern country’ look.

  • Vancouver Stone Grey

    Vancouver Stone Grey

    Country etiquette at its very best, Vancouver speaks of refined living with its recognisable design traits. Classic inlaid doors combine with a speckled marble top to create a timeless setting. Mixed with either contemporary or more traditional accessories, this kitchen looks equally dynamic with up-to-the-minute chrome or more rustic accents.

  • Vienna Cream Ash

    Vienna Cream Ash

    The Vienna door incorporates a strong slipping mould around the flat panel to create a stylish kitchen with a fresh timeless feel that would look equally well in an urban or rural setting. The 60mm radius rounded corners are both visually appealing and ideal for those with young children.

  • Vilo Graphite

    Vilo Graphite

    A landmark of excellence is an understatement to describe the finesse of this post-modern epic. When a cut above is the order of the day, this beauty serves up savvy ingenuity in abundance.

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